22th September 2016 / POLIAKOV, the Vodka of Extreme, pursues its international rise with the launch of a giant 4.5L bottle.

The goal of this range extension is to complete the POLIAKOV Vodka range with a huge and extreme bottle size, perfect for brand visibility and perceived as a celebration reference for consumers. From 5cl to 450cl, the POLIAKOV range is now adapted to answer every need.

Presented in an individual case picturing the POLIAKOV characteristic freezing and cosmic universe, with the prevailing blue colour with hints of silver and red, the giant bottle remains homothetic to the rest of the range and therefore reaches a height of almost half a meter (20 inches).

With worldwide ambitions and a strong focus on the on-trade segment, POLIAKOV 4.5L is forecasted for bars with an upside-down label and a dedicated wall pourer for great bar visibility and easy service, but it is also scheduled for the off-trade segment where it will be put forward with a metallic blue cradle.

POLIAKOV Vodka giant 4.5L bottle is released in September 2016. 450cl – 37.5° – RSP 80 €

POLIAKOV Vodka is already available in 5cl, 20cl, 35cl, 50cl, 70cl, 75cl, 100cl, 150cl, 150cl and 200cl.


POLIAKOV, the Millionaire brand with sales up to 1.4 million nine-litre cases, pursues its success story. The international brand, sold in over 50 countries, is today the 3rd fastest growing global Vodka brand. POLIAKOV owes this achievement to its unique quality, often rewarded in international competitions, and to a powerful advertising universe focusing on extreme cold and infinite space. (Source: Impact 2016)


 An independent French group founded in 1934, LA MARTINIQUAISE is one of the leading spirits group in France and features in the world Top 10. The group has a turnover of 950 Million euros and is proud to own four millionaire brands, LABEL 5 & SIR EDWARD’S Scotch Whisky, POLIAKOV Vodka and NEGRITA Rum. (Source: Drinks International 2016)