August 2017/ POLIAKOV, the Extreme Vodka, teamed up this summer with 2 electronic-music festivals in Tunisia

POLIAKOV sponsored the FAIRGROUND Festival in the city of Sousse (5.500 people) and the DJERBA FEST on Djerba Island (6.000 people), to support the local and international electronic stage. During both events, festival-goers were welcomed on the POLIAKOV stand to experiment an exclusive digital experience: POLIAKOV Virtual Reality game, called ICE QUEST, where participants fight monsters, immersed in an icy world. There was a line of players all nights long and participants loved the experience: the operation was a big success!


POLIAKOV, the Millionaire brand with sales up to 1.45 million nine-litre cases, pursues its success story. Sold in over 50 countries, POLIAKOV is one of the leading international Vodka brand. POLIAKOV owes this achievement to its unique quality, often rewarded in international competitions like in 2016 with the gold medal at the IWSC competition, and to a powerful advertising universe focusing on extreme cold and infinite space. (Source: The Impact 2017)

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An independent French group founded in 1934 by Jean Cayard, LA MARTINIQUAISE is a leading spirits group in France and features in the world Top 10. The group has a turnover of 980 Million euros and is proud to own four millionaire brands, LABEL 5 & SIR EDWARD’S Scotch Whiskies, POLIAKOV Vodka and NEGRITA Rum. (Source: Drinks International 2017). Visit our website for more information: ​